Prof Charles Gray

Professor Charles Gray is the Director of WildFish Research – a consultancy specialising in aquatic resource research and management. Charles has over 30 years’ experience developing, managing and delivering high-level aquatic ecological, environmental and fisheries-related research projects and science-based management outcomes. He has lead numerous multidisciplinary scientific projects and currently works collaboratively with university and government scientists on several research projects. Charles is experienced in mentoring young scientists and supervising PHD student projects. His research has involved working closely with recreational, commercial and indigenous fishing communities, and with fisheries and conservation management agencies. Much of Charles’s research has been pivotal in shaping the sustainable management and conservation of the aquatic biodiversity and fisheries resources of south-eastern Australia. Charles is internationally recognized for his work in developing fisheries-observer programs in multi-method small-scale fisheries, surveys and assessments of estuarine and coastal biodiversity and fisheries resources. He has published more than 150 scientific articles and reports, and presented research findings and their management consequences to international and domestic audiences, including aquatic resource scientists and managers, focused client groups and the general public.